ISFAHAN  the center of Isfahan province

Isfahan is one of the oldest cities in iran . Isfahan is located on the fertile plain in central of the Iran on the eastern base of the Zagrus mountains by the river Zayandehrud. The elevation of Isfahan is 1570 meters above sea level.the city resembles a beautiful Garden bounded on the northy and east by the streches of desert , on the south by the lofty mount Soffeh and on the west by the Gardens and groves and Pastures.

Isfahan was found even before the rise of Achaemenians who ruled Iran in the fourth and fifth centuries B.C

Some historians belive that because of its pleasant climate it was used as summer residence of kings. After Achamenian it was the center of a large province for almost thousand years , during the region of Parthians and Sassnians.

Today Isfahan is still the center of the province of Isfahan.

The name isfahan may have come from the word *Sepahan* which means *Troops* in farsi language because it was one of the major center for gatherig troops.

The city was conqured by the Moslems in the 7th century . Isfahan experienced in the rule of various daynasties throughout its long history.

Isfahan enjoyed from its prosperity during the reign of the Safavid daynasty (16-17 centuries) A.D . through the time of Safavid Isfahan was the capital of Iran .

The flourishing time of Isfahan was throughout the reign of Safavid king Shah Abass (the great) population of isfahan nowadays is around 2 milion in daytime.

Some beautiful places in Iafahan same as CHehel sotoun and Ali Qapou palaces , Imam mosque , Lotfollah mosque , Jame masque and Vank church and so nice Siosepol and KHajo bridges can be visited by visitors. The average tempature in Isfahan is 15.06 centigrade in a year , the average rainfall is 125 milimeter . the month with highest number of snowfall day is january ( 3-2 days . Isfahan is famous for its Perso islamic architecture , grand boulvards , the main reason for the development of Isfahan is the presence of the Zayandehroud , but unfortunately due to the low rainfall in recent years the river is dried . Isfahan transportation is by train , plane , and car and the city train has just started

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