Some have writen that during the region of Sassanid king Yazdgerd 1 ( 399-421 ) a city named Yazdan – gard was stablished in what is now yazd . the name comes Yazdan and Izad denoting holiness and blessedness. It refers to almighty which has created all good things.

The altitude of Yazd is 1210 meters above sea level and the air in this province like that af all desert area is dry. It is located in the east of Isfahan and south of lout desert.because of the scarce rainfall and the scorching sunlight life at the border of desert become quite difficult. The water is 40 to 50 meters under ground . they use subterranean canal of water which is called Qanat.

The average of rainfall for city is less than 100 milliliter in a year.

The formal language is persian but they speak in a special dialect that it is very difficult to understand. The formal religeon is Islam , but there are some Zoroastarian people also Jewish people living there.

A great part of the iranian Plateau located in central and southestern Iran , is home to vast sun drenched plains sand dunes and deserts. The lout desert has the largest expanse of sand dunes in the cantral part of Iran situated between the Alborz and Zagross mountain ranges , due to the limited precipitation the dryness of the air and the heat life in the central Plateau is difficult and almost unbearable.

In different part of this desert the resilient native of iran have found the resourcefulness to deal with the hardship of the desert life.

The story of this in Cessant struggle between man and nature includes chapters on how the people of yazd found ways to secure water in this arid land ( by digging subterranean water canals ) how they devised methods to cool their homes and building (by using the famous Badgirs or wind – towers ) and how they found way to keep their drinking water cool in special underground reservoirs known as Abanbar. All of these have given rise to the special architectural identity of Yazd as a city on the border of Irans central desert . the historians have writhen that yazd`s history goes back to one millenium before the emergence of Islam.among the important historic buildings in yazd there are :

1- Jame mosque of Yazd whose main buldings goes back to 12 century A.D which presnt buidings belong to Ale muzafar in 14 century A.D mausoleum of seyyed Rokned din is constructed in 12 century A.D

Ziya eyeh school ( Alexanders prison 12 century) A.D-2

3- Mausoleum of 12 Imam .

4- Masque and square of Amirchakmaq in 14 centry A.D

5- Zoroastrian fire temple in 1933

6- CHak – chak (Pire Sabz ) important piligrimage place for Zoroastrian 50 km out of yazd

7- Tower of silence ( cemetry of Zoroastrian )

In addition to this sights th city of yazd has a big historic Bazzar which are worth a visit , yazd is an original iranian city and will impress any visitor . who steps into this enchanted city which shines as a gem among all the cities situated on the border of Irans central desert.

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