Eram garden
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eram garden

With colorful rosebushes and soaring cypress trees everywhere, Eram Garden is an excellent example of the Persian Garden. It is one of the nine Persian gardens registered as UNESCO world heritage sites. No one really knows who first built the garden. However, travelogues reveal that during the Seljuq and Injuids dynasties such a garden existed in Shiraz. It later underwent renovation during the time of Karim Khan Zand, the founder of Zand dynasty, and Naser al-Din Shah of the Qajar dynasty.

The beautiful garden surrounds a gorgeous building and flaunts a beautiful fountain pool. Also, the garden is a permanent exhibition of flowers and plants and boasts a broad diversity.

The three-story building is an architectural masterpiece of the Qajar era thanks to its frescoes, tile-work, plaster-work, and design. The facade features tile-work depicting scenes from Shahnameh (a Persian epic) and the battles of the Qajar dynasty. You can see various decorations on all three floors. However, it is better to visit the lowest one in the summer because it can get really cold during other seasons. The other two floors contain columns resembling designs from Persepolis.

So if you plan a visit to Shiraz, make sure not to miss out on the chance to explore a true Persian Garden.

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