( Iran tour 18 days and 17 nights )
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( Iran tour 18 days and 17 nights )


Day 1 : Tehran

Arrival to tehran international ( IKA ) airport . meeting guide and welcoming after custom formality.then transfer to hotel , after breakfast visiting Saadabad complex including green palace and white palace which are located in the skirt of alborz mountain . then going to tajrish square and visiting the traditional bazzar , including very beautiful wet market and various traditional shops . afterward visiting a holy shirine mauselum of Ibrahim . after lunch visiting carpet museum and azadi tower . O/N in hotel .

Day 2 : Tehran

After breakfast , drive to visit Golestan palace including Eivan – e – takht and salam palace complex (greeting palace ) where pahlavi kings Reza shah ( the father ) and Mohammadreza shah ( the sun ) both of them they did the coronation 1926 nd 1967 A.D . then visiting Abgineh (glassware museum) afterward visiting jewerly museum or national museum O/N hotel .


after breakfast drive to hamedan via Qazvin . in Qazvin visiting : Ali ghapu portal (this is the remais of a garden palace of the safavid era ) . kabir jame mosque or , masjed – ol – nabi ( this mosque is majestic and in firm construction . arrive to hamedan o/ n in hotel .


after breakfast , drive to visit : Alavian dome , ( the impressive plaster and tile works and brick inscription of this tomb make it one of the most prominent historic monuments of hamedan ) . , lion ( sang-e- shir ) , Ganjnameh driving to kermanshah and under way visit of Bistoun ( UNESCO site ) and tomb of Babataher a famous 11 century darvish poet who lived during the reign of Saljuk dynasty over iran , tomb of Avicenna or Abu ali sina that the most significant physician and father of modern medicine and O/N in hotel .

day 5 : Kermanshah / KHoramabad / Dezfull 300 Km

after breakfast , morning visit of Taghe bostan drivng to khoramabad . visiting the ruins of Falak –Ol-Aflak. Drive to Dezful O/N in hotel .

day 6 : Dezfull / Susa / Chogha Zanbil / Ahvaz 130 Km

after breakfast. Driving to go to visit Susa Apadana palace and shush castle. As the french archeologists where working and excavating there , so they constructed a new castle including rooms for their living and parking and also a workshop for cleaning and organazing the collocted objects and manuments.they constructed shush castle with materials that where found in susa apadana palace and chogha zanbil . today ,it has been turned into a museum , and the articles which have been found from shush and chogh zambil , are kept there. Tomb of prophete daniel ( this is the tomb of one of the prophets . it is considered to be a major shrine in khozestan province . ) after lunch in susa drive to Chogh zanbil then drive to visit Shoshtar water mill and water fall afterward drive to Ahvaz O/N in hotel .

day 7 : Ahvaz / Shiraz 525 km

after breakfast , we drive to shiraz 525 km after having lunch on the way in a local resturant we will continue to visit the historical city of Bishapour which is remaining from Sasanid dynasty , the city was made by SHapour , Sasanid dynasty was in the power between 3th century up to 651 A.D . of course Sasanid reliefs also will be visited next to the bishapour city , then drive to Shiraz O/N in hotel .

day 8 : SHIRAZ

after breakfast drive to visit Persepolis or (persian : takhte jamshid) the spring capital of Achamenied dynasty , Alexander the mecedonian put this grand complex on fire , and today only small ruins are left from those magnificent edifices , even so , the ruins are so magnificent that few ancient monuments can be found somewhere in the world , to match them . Necrpolis (persian : naghsh-e- rostam) (, the bodies of Achamenian kings were buried in these tombs) , then reliefs of Sassanian kings (persian: naghsh-e- rajab) . afterward drive to Passargade 80 km far away to visit tomb of cyrus founder of achamenid dynasty and his wife where have been sorounded with beautiful palaces and royal garden . then drive to shiraz O/N in hotel .

day 9 : SHIRAZ

after breakfast , visiting Naranjestan Ghavam ( the building is outstanding as a masterpiece of plasterwork , inlaid work, mirror work and paintings . ) Atigh , Jame , mosque ( this is one of the oldest mosque of fars province and enjoy particular fame and grandeur .the stone building of khoday khaneh was constructed beside it in 14 century A.D .) .. Nasiralmolk mosque ( the mosque and house of nasirolmolk are located next to each other, and display very remarkable tile-works and architectural style ) , shah cheragh , tomb of Saadi and Hafez , bazzar of vakil , Saray-e- Moshir O/N in hotel .

day 10 : KERMAN

after breakfast , driving to KERMAN 571 KM , on the way we will visit a very old and beautiful mosque which is contstructed in (8-10) A.D . this building has been copied from the prophets mosque in medina with one minaret . after lunch we continue to go to kerman O/N hotel in kerman .

day 11 : RAYEN

after breakfast we will drive to go to Rayen castle 100 km away from kerman . rayen is a very old castle . the back ground ofrayen dates back to 2000 years age . but the collapsed remainings date back to 500 years ago.

After rayen we go back to Mahan to visit beautiful prince garden from 19 century and the very amazing mausoleum of a gnostic ( Darvish ) by the name of Shah Nematollah Vali from 15 century . after lunch we go back to kerman to walk through the old Bazzar and visiting the very nice traditional Hamam from 17 century . then visiting the covered Bazzar and tea house then free time O/N hotel in kerman .

day 12 : YAZD

after breakfast , run to Yazd 371 km on the way we will have a short stop at beautiful mosque of abolfazl then drive to yazd to visit Tower of Silence ( cemetery of zoroastrian ) then O/N in hotel.


After breakfast , drive to KHaranaq citadel that is located 85 km away from yazd . the old village is empty but the people are living in new village , the population of new village is around 450 people . in spite that it is located in desert but it has very mild climate and very green area.village dates back to 4000 years ago and it is completely made of mud brick and usually the houses are 2 or 3 floors . there is also a historical caravansaray from 19 century Qajar period.

Then continue to visit Zoroastrian temple CHAK CHAK ( persian : pire sabz ) . the temple looks like a cave in mountain , that to reach there you should climb up from steps around 20 minues. Zoroastrian peaple have a ceremony in a special day june 17th to pray , so the Zoroastrian people from all around the world gather together here for few days to do their ceremony.

In the cave while the water is dripping down it reflects chak chak sound , this is why it is called chak chak .after visiting chak chak we drive to Meybod to visit caransaray and Narin castle in meybod then drive to yazd O/N in hotel .

Day 14 : YAZD

After breakfast visitng Fire Temple ( a fire has been kept alight for the past 1500 years ), but the present building is made in 1933 , but the fire is moved here in 1935 A.D . then we will visit Jame mosque with its 52m high minarets , then Amirchakmaq mosque and square . the mosque with green dome and beaufiful mehrab is the most remarkable historic monuments of yazd then Dowlat abad garden with the highest wind tower in the world 33/8 m high. Then walking through the old part of city and visiting Traditional sport (zoorkhaneh) then free time O/N in hotel .


After breakfast , drive to Isfahan 320 km , on the way visiting the very old mosque of Naein which is located on the rout just between Yazd and Isfahan . there is also an ethnology museum which is located in a historical house from 17th century . then after lunch drive to isfahan to visit 2 beautiful historical bridge ,( KHajo bridge and Sio sepol bridge) then O/N in hotel .

Day 16 : ISFAHAN

after breakfast , visiting Isfahan ( halaf of world ) , Imam square and Imam mosque , mosque of Sheikh lotfollah , Ali GHapu palace , (it used to have suitable facilites for receiving guests and foreign ambassadors who came to visit Shah Abbas 1) . then visiting Jame mosque O/N in hotel.


After breakfast , visiting : Hasht Behesht ( eight paradises ) , Church & Museum of vank , in armenian quarter . lunch in typical restaurant , CHehel Sotun Palace , minar jomban ( shaking minaret ) , O/N in hotel .


After breakfast , driving to tehran via kashan , in kashan visiting : Fin Garden ( Amir kabir , who struggled against colonial power , was murdered in one of the bath houses of this garden ) visiting , Borujerdia house , afterward under way to tehran , we will have visiting the holy shrine of Fatima Masoumeh in Qom city and taking photo from outside in the yard then drive to IKA to fly to your destination .


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