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Shiraz (the center of fars province)

The center of Fars province is the world famous historical and beautiful city Shiraz , the birth and resting place of the greatest of persian poets Hafiz and Saadi. This make the city of the important tourist attractions of the country. Shiraz is about 950 kilometers away from Tehran at an altitude of 1540 meters above sea level. The name Shiraz has been mentioned in the clay tablets avaliable at the perspolis treasury.this city is located next to the ancient city of Estakhr . the architectural structure of the city older nighbourhoods marks its ancient historical background. The city witnessed the peak of it`s prosperity at the time of Karim Khan zand when it became the country capital in 18th century. The city`s modern fabrik has found a new beautiful outlook with large streets , modern buildings and a grand university.nowadays Shiraz is the center of of fars province.

Shiraz is the birth place of many great iranian men of scince and letters. Shiraz should be calld the city of poetry and art , because throughout history many poets and gnostics have been born and raised in this city.

Poets such as Hafiz and Saadi are so well known that thay need no presentation. In different parts of the world , many people are famillar with them. Many poets and liberary men are inspired by their immortal and astonishing masterpieces and it is not surprising that the great german poets and thinker , Geothe admired Hafiz in his works. Hafiz is not the only one.many thinkers whose reflections have become the basis of cogitation in different parts of world , were raised in this city. Shiraz is located in moderate climate , so flowers will grow and nightingale will come and then poem and poetry will come this is why shiraz is kown the ciy of flowers and nightingale and poetry .the population of shiraz is more than 2 million in daytime . there are a lot of cultural and historical attractive spots in Shiraz which are waiting for the visitors to be visited such as : wholy shrines Ali ebne hamzeh and SHahe CHeragh : (persian : king of light ) . garden such as Eram garden : ( persian: paradise) and Narajestan garden : ( persian : orange garden ) , and mosques same as Nasir al molk masque which is a very beautiful pink color masque and Vakil masque are remarkable points and very attractive places to be seen . of course the beautiful Qaran Gate ( persian : Darvazeh Qoran) which is located in the north of shiraz and for thousand years has been the only entrance way to Shiraz is worth to visit . cultural points remaining historical sites from ancient time and islamic religious places are the points that Shiraz is known as the cultural capital of Iran . And also it has been capital of iran in eighteen century through the time that Karim Khan Zand the founder of Zand dynasty who was on the power and that era is the flourishing time of Shiraz.