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Bishapur ( ancient city ) in fars province

Bishapur ancient city is constructed in the 3th century on the silk road beside of a river in the south of SHiraz in Iran . it is completely made from stone and mortar which it is as strong as cement . totall area is around 200 hectars . the city was made by shapur 1 , the second powerful emperor of sasanid dynasty .

the important point of city such as Anahita tempel and mosaic tiled Ivans and valerin or valerianus palace is surrounded by a stone wall . as the floor of palace was covered with mosaic tiled it is known mosaic ivan . the city of bishapur was the capital of state and it was habitable up to 150 years ago . nowadays the name of new city is Kazeroun , located 25 km far from the ancient city . there are two columns just in the center of the ancient city on the intersection of two main streets which is decorated with an inscription while introducing the name of the builder of the ancient Bishapur city .

as I said Bishapur is located by the river in a valley . there are located 6 beautiful sassanid bas reliefs in this valley ( 4 in the left and 2 in the right side ) . but these bas reliefs are unlike the similar one in Naghshe – Rostam or other places . the other one is the coronation of SHapur 1 which is getting the ring of power from Ahoramazda ( God ) . the other point is SHapur riding on horse and we see philip Arab Roman emperor kneeling in front of SHapur, and Gordianus is dead under the SHapour`s horse`s feet . in this battle the roman emperor valerian was captivated by SHapur and valerian was living in Bishapur city up to end of his life .

SHapur cave ( persian ghare shapur ) is located in zagros mountain 8 km far from Bishpur city . it`s story goes back to 1700 years ago to sassanid era . this cave is 800 m above the sea level . the entrance gate is 16 m long and 8 hight . at the entrance there is a huge statue belong`s to SHapur 1 sasanid king . statue is 7m high and shoulderes are 2m and hands are 3 mlong . unfortunately after Arab invasions it was collapsed and pulled down , and one of his legs and some part of his hand were broken . the statue was remaining on the ground for 1400 years , up to the time of Pahlavi dynasty in 1957 that an army group was ordered to repair it . so after 1400 years they raised it again on his feet and repaired it , because of this repairment they made a road and constructed around 230 stone steps and fences to climb there easily . for going and getting there it takes one hour and a half to reach to the cave by walking.

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