Zaroastrian fire temple
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zaroastrian fire temple

Yazd is home to one of the holiest fire temples in Iran. The Zoroastrian Fire Temple draws large numbers of Zoroastrians and visitors from around the world all year round. The temple’s fame comes mainly from “the Sacred Fire” which has been burning there for more than 1500 years.

The flame is the only Atash Behram (literally “Fire of Victory”) in Iran with the remaining eight being in India. In Zoroastrianism, temples keeping this type of fire are the highest grade of fire temples. The flame is prepared from sixteen different sources.

The flame dates back to 470 AD during the Sassanian era. It originated in the Pars Karyan fire temple in Larestan County, Fars Province. It later went through several re-locations before reaching its current home in Yazd. The construction of the brick temple which you can visit today finished in 1934. The building’s simple facade features a Faravahar symbol, a human figure emerging from within a winged disk. There is a museum next to the temple. It provides valuable insight into Zoroastrianism and its ceremonies.

The flame burns inside a big bronze vase and it is only possible to see it through a window. A Herbad, which is a Zoroastrian priest of the lowest rank, is in charge of keeping the sacred fire alight.

Unlike other religious sites there is no strict dressing code here. The site, with a spiritual atmosphere dominated by silence, can win your heart and is definitely worth a visit.

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