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Tabriz is the capital of East Azarbaijan province in Iran. It is the sixth most populous city and also one of the historical capitals in Iran. Since Tabriz was a border city, it had many ups and downs through history. The city was also the capital of Iran for a long time. Today, Tabriz is one of the most important cities in Iran which has great tourist attractions and high-quality hotels. Tabriz travel guide can help you explore the city with more knowledge and fun. It will help you have a better trip to this city

Tabriz has a humid continental climate. Although you can feel all four seasons in this city, the weather is somehow cool during the year. It snows in winter and rain during spring and autumn. However, the summer is almost hot and dry. But the inhabitants of this city believe that “in Tabriz, six months are winter and the other six months ate nuisance”. If you want to find the best time to travel to Tabriz, spring and autumn can be better choices. However, summer is nice with long days too but you should endure the hot and dry weather.

Early History of Tabriz

The first documented history about Tabriz dates back to Sargon II, an Assyrian king (722-705 BC). However, the earliest elements claimed to be built in Tabriz dates back to early Sassanids in the 3rd or 4th century AD. But somehow the history begins after the Muslims conquest of Iran. It was the time when Arabs from Yemen entered the city of Tabriz, which then was a small village, and resided there. The development of the city started from this period.

Tabriz as a capital city

The peak of the flourishing of Tabriz was during the Ilkhanate era. Because of the great location it had, it was one of the greatest cities of that time. However, Tabriz had been chosen as a capital several times during the reigns of Eldiguzids, Chobanids, Jalairid, Qara Qoyunlu, Aq Qoyunlu, and Safavid. The city of Tabriz was one of the 5 most populous cities in the world during the Safavid dynasty. The population of Tabriz was almost equal to Istanbul, which was then the capital of the Ottoman Empire.

Tabriz during the Qajar era

It was the end of the 18th century when the Qajar Prince Abbas Mirza appointed as the governor of the city. Although the city of Tabriz wasn’t the capital of Iran during the Qajar dynasty, it still had great importance. Because of its strategical location, Tabriz has always been one of the first cities that was occupied by the invaders. During the Qajar era, it was the place where the war between Iranians and Russians took place. As a result of this war, the Russians captured the city in the mid-1800s. However, they left the city after the took the last remaining of Caucasian territories from Iran. Therefore, a peace treaty was signed between the two countries. Nevertheless, Russian political and military influence remained a major force in Tabriz and north-northwestern Iran even until the fall of the Russian empire in the early 20th century.

The city of Tabriz was developed during the reign of the Qajar. Abbas Mirza, the Qajar Crown Prince, started modernization in Tabriz. As a result, many buildings and institutions were built with western-style. The industrial machinery was imported and the first regular postal service was installed.

Tourist Attractions in Tabriz

Since Tabriz had many ups and downs during the history and was in the hands of different dynasties, the tourist attractions in Tabriz are so diverse and belong to different eras. Some of the most popular ones are:

Tabriz Grand Bazaar

One of the most significant tourist attractions in Tabriz is its grand bazaar. With the area of 1 square km, Tabriz Grand Bazaar is the world largest indoor bazaar and the world’s largest brick and brick building. The bazaar had been completely destroyed due to a devastating earthquake. Nevertheless, it completely reconstructed again.

Blue Mosque of Tabriz

Blue Mosque of Tabriz is one of the tourist attractions in Tabriz that was built during the reign of Kara Koyunlu Turkomans. It was one of the greatest mosques built at that time. However, an earthquake destroyed this beautiful mosque too. Despite being destroyed, it still has great tiling. Moreover, most parts of the mosque have been reconstructed during the last 50 years.

Eil Goli Park

El Goli Park is a popular place to spend evenings. El Goli or Shah Goli means the king’s pool which refers to the large pool inside the park. This park is also another great tourist attraction which was made during the reign of Kara Koyunlus.

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