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in the expance of a widespeard plain , around 70 kilometers from shiraz rests the compound of Persepolis or (takht-e ¬– jamshidi ) .

Persepolis is one of the greatest symbols of civilization in the orient , remaning from ancient time .

It is reminiscent of the glorious time of the achamenian kings .

The huge complex representing the greatness , beauty , and power of an old civilization that was built bu the craftsman of iran .

In every location of this greatful palace , one can see different inscriptions which praise ahuramazda of the genesis the earth , heaven , men and fames specification and pedigrees of achamenian king as well as the building .

The inscriptions are in 3 languages old persin , bobylonian , and elamite and display the fusion of cultures and civilization which spiritually dominated at corner of this land at that time .

When norooz (the new year ) arrived perspolis was the place for holding new year celebration and official ceremonies . the splendor and glory of Persepolis exhibits the grandeur of the achamenians summer capital in the eyes of visitors .

Perspolis area is 125000 , square meters .

It is surrounded with a fortified wall . there are 2 staircases to enter the guests and representatives of different nations to the palace .

Those two stairways lead to the xerexes gate or gate of nations . which has three doorways , each 11 meters high facing to the east , the west , and the south .

Passing through the southern doorway you will enter a large rectangular bulding with 36 colums . passing along the two nourthen stairways of Apadana , one can witness embossed reliefs of them , then tax payers coming from different territories which werw under the domination of Achamenian . the central palace is located in the south eastern of Apadana palace .

The tachar palace is the private one , that belongs to darus (the great ) . the palace has beautiful halls , and even the remains of hall reflect the glory of the ayeneh ( mirror ) palace .

The palace of xerexes is located in the south of perspolis just 7 meters higher than ( haram sara ) queen palace . and it was a balcony over looking the plain and stairways leading to the haramsarah which has similar buildings . the kings treasury palace including several uniform halls e located in the southern part of the area . then 100 columns palace is located in the northearn corner of the area .

There are 2 tombs in the east part of the complex just one the mountain that belong to artexrexes the third and the second . and the last unfinished tomb belong to darus the third , which located in the southern part of the complex .

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