Naein Jame mosque
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Naein Jame mosque

The city of Naein is located on the route between Yazd and Isfahan and belongs to Isfahan province . Naein is 150 km away from Isfahan . population of Naein is around 20/000 people. Mostly the peaple are working in agriculture fields and they are growing domestic animals mostly camels . they produce handicrafts such as silk and wool carpets and hat and cloak from camel wool . the city has a very old mosque which is made in 8-10 century A.D . the mosque is very unique and attractive. You may have seen many mosques in Iran but this one is something else. the mosque dosent have water pond and also dome. You can`t find any big porches because this mosque is very old and it is contstructed in Arabiac style. There is also a basement for praying in winter time . it is with tunnels and water channels which is belived to have housed centuries ago as Zorastarian fire temple . the basement was not actually built , it was dug into the ground . which means no material were used to construct it . Naein mosque is one of the oldest masques in iran , its magnificient stucco over the Niche , the marvellous brickworks around the yard , and the silent basement which may have been used as a fire temple befor the mosque was built . here are only a few of the remarkable features of this mosque . A 28 meter tall octagonal minaret was added to the mosque almost 700 years ago . you might also be interested in the Alabaster stone works which reflect sunlight throughout the basement . temperature in the basement is always moderate , never varying more than 10 to 15 degrees . still the mosque is in use .

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