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Abu – Mohammad Muslih Al – Din Abdullah Shirazi better known by his pen name " SAADI " , also known as Saadi of shiraz ( 1210 – 1291 ) A.D he is one of the influential Persian poets in the medeival period admired for his artistry in expressing deepest moral and social thughts in the simplest words for all ages.

He is well kown as master of " speech " .among Persian scholars and one of the best poets of the classical Persian literature. In his era Mongol was in the power so he left home and spent his life with tourists . and he became the poet of tourists .

Saadi was interested to travel. So he visited Islamic countries same as (SHamat ) , Syria , Palestine, Hijaz (Arabia ) , Yemen , Turkey , and Egypt for a period of almost thirty years. In one point he must have been captured by the crusaders and he scaped by digging a tunnel from the jail in tripoli. his two outstanding literary masterprices are Rose Garden (Golestan ) and orchard ( Bustan ) which are major works in world literature in general and Persian literature in particular.

The works have been school books throughout the Persian culture through more than 500 years.from india to the east to the Balekan in the west and they have great importance for the understanding of the muslim mindset. Fruit garden of Saadi is part of the universal library.

دیدگاه های ارسال شده توسط شما، پس از تایید مدیر سایت در وب سایت منتشر خواهد شد.
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