Falak – ol – Aflak castle
     View : 1811

Falak – ol – Aflak castle

Falak – ol – Aflak castle is located on the regional capital of Lorestan province KHorramabad . khorramAbad is situated in a mountainous region with 1148m above the sea level . the population of the city is around 400/000 people .

Falak – ol –Aflak is located just on the top of a large hill . the height of the entire structure including the hill reaches to 40m above the surrounding area . the foundation of the actual castle measures approximately 300 by 400m . the material used in the construction of this gigantic castle are mud bricks , fired bricks , stone and wood . as the wood and stone are vulnerable so the Sassanid engineers have made it on the top of the hill to be possible to penetrate the weather to dry it . Falak – ol – Aflak was made between (224 - 651 A.D ) during the time of Sassanid dynasty . according to studies there had been two layered rampart with twelve towers around it . currently there are only 8 towers remaning and the tallest wall of the castle is around 23m high .due to being aware of the changing the climate in the region and underground waters the Sassanid engineers equipped the castle with dehumidifire . the experts belived these dehumidifire canals with a hight of more than one meter covering all the area beneth the castle were hide out for the residents . through the time of Pahlavi dynasty Falak – ol – Aflak was a prison up to 1968 but later they trasformed it to a museum complex . it is currently open to the public as an anthropological museum .

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