Isfahan Jame mosque
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Isfahan Jame mosque

Masjede Jame or (Isfahan Jame mosque ) is located in the historic center od isfahan it can be seen as astunning illustration of the evolution of mosque architecture over twelve centeries , staring in 841 A.D it is the oldest preserved edifice of its type in Iran and gor later mosque design throughout central sa . the totall covered is about 20000 square meter wgih is the first islamic building that adapted of four court yard layout of Sassanid palacesto islamic religious architecture . the monument illustrates a sequence of architectural construction and decorative styles of different periods in iranian islamic architecture covering 12 centuries most predominantly the Abbasid , Buyid , Seljuq . Illkhanid , Muzzafarid , Timurid and Safavid eras.

Following its Seljuk expansion and characteristic intrduction of the four ivans ( persian : chahar ivan ) around the coury yard as well as the extraordinary domes the mosque became the prototype of distinctive islamic archtectural style . Seljuk dynasty is the first dynasty that they constructed the Jame mosque with four ivans .they copied this style from Sassanid architecture.

Masjed – e – jame is the first islamic building that adapted the four Ivan ( chahar ivan ) courtyard.the Nasir al molk dome structure is the islamic empire , which introduced new engineering skills allawing for more elaborate dome construction in later mosque and burial cmplexes . on the basis o these two elements , the masjed Jame is a recognized prototype for mosque design layout and dome construction which was refrenced in several regions of the islamic world .

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